What does the process look like for us?
We will collect all the information we need from you either via a quick phone call, our website forms, or a few emails. Then we get to work! Once we find and negotiate the best options for you, we'll provide a proposal with all of the relevant details, along with our insight and recommendations.

Once you select your hotel(s), we will manage the entire process including adding rooms where necessary, adding more hotel blocks, or even helping guests with any troubles booking.

You say "free". But is it really free?
Yes! We do not charge couples or their wedding planners for our services. As a registered travel agency, hotels pay commissions based on rooms booked. In the rare instance a hotel does not pay commissions for a room block, we charge a nominal management fee and will be completely transparent about that price beforehand.

Where are your services available?
Anywhere there are hotels, we can provide our service! We have helped clients in major markets like New York, Chicago, Phoenix, and Nashville, as well as in suburban, rural, and resort destinations across the country. Going abroad? We can do that too!

Will I be responsible for booking all the rooms in my hotel block?
Not necessarily! Hotels often provide "Courtesy Blocks", which are rooms that are blocked off for you, but that do not require a commitment to fill rooms. But don't let Contracted Blocks scare you! We have strategies we create with each client so that you can feel confident about the hotels you are offering and filling your block.

Is Block Birdie just for weddings?
No! We help secure hotels and accommodations for any kind of group – corporate accounts, bachelor & bachelorette parties, sports teams, family reunions, and more. And for our current and past clients, we even offer exclusive services and deals for your own private travel.

OK, and you're sure it's free?
Yes. Pinky promise.

Cross Finding Hotels Off Your To-Do List.

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